Naheed Supermarket


Naheed Supermarket was formed in the 1970's as a small grocer's outlet in Bahadurabad by a man named Abrar. Slowly and gradually the store gained goodwill and it became popular amongst the residents in the Bahadurabad area.

Soon after, the shop became congested and it was inconvenient for the customers to shop freely due to limited shopping space. The management was of the view that they were in danger of losing customers due to the congestion in the stores in peak shopping periods.

Abrar and his son decided to open a new and larger outlet at Siraj ud Daula Road which would make shopping convenient and satisfactory. They decided to open the outlet near Bahadurabad because the owners did not want to lose their existing customer base. The store was converted into a super market as they opened an outlet with 3 floors, reasonable parking space and shopping area. The ground floor displays groceries and cereals. The second floor displays electronic items and cosmetics whereas the third floor displays baby products and different branded products. 

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